Photography 360°

Digital Design offers a 360° photography service.

The service consists in the possibility of realizing the photograph of a real environment and transforming it into a 360-degree image.

The 360-degree image allows the viewer to turn his/her gaze within the photograph and see everything around it.

360° photography is very useful both as an element of analysis of the state of a place, and for promotional purposes to enhance all the elements of an architectural space.

360° photography can also be used for outdoor environments.

Following the instructions try to browse the 360° photo below.


  1. Click on the image with the left mouse button; after an initial loading it will appear the same image enriched however of the symbol ALL SCREEN at the bottom left and some control points (INTERACTIVE CIRCLES).
  2. Important: if the text below appears, do not worry!

  1. Close the page tab and reopen the page in a new tab again.
  2. If everything proceeds as it should, you should visualize the image with the controls, as described in point 1. At this point, while holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse, you can see that the model is able to rotate allowing a visualization 360 degrees. You can also rotate the view using the keyboard arrows.
  3. You can see that the INTERACTIVE CIRCLES are of two types:
    • Empty circles: if you click on one of them you move to that point and you can observe the environment from there.
    • Headbands with an "i" inside: if you place the mouse pointer on it, you will see the information about the area inspected appear.
  4. By clicking on the ALL SCREEN symbol on the bottom left you can enlarge the image for a wider view; to return to the normal display, press ESC.